From the webmasters 2/1/98

Many of us get lazy when it comes to changing oil, or removing the off road h-pipe for a smog check, etc. It's a pain in the butt to have to get out the ol' 3 ton jack and jackstands for every oil changing occasion. We had to swap out our h-pipe several times for tests and we had enough with the jack and jack stands ! So we bought a set of Rhino Ramps from Blitz. They are available from your local Pep Boys for around $30 (includes 2 ramps, one for each wheel).

Finally, drive up onto ramps with your Mustang without scraping !

These ramps will work with no scraping with the STOCK springs, so if you lowered your stang more than 1 1/2 inches, you may still scrape with these ramps. They are made of featherweight plastic that will never rust, they have a mellow 17 degree incline, they are wide enough to accommodate P300 wide tires, they have a lip on the end so you can't drive off them, and can support up to 12,000Lbs...  that's more than the strongest steel ramps we've seen !

They are very strong because they have plastic rib supports throughout the whole ramp unit. They won't slide either because right at the beginning if the ramp there is a rubber anti-skid pad, once the tire begins to climb the ramp they stay in place. They even work on a Vette  with stock springs (yes, we have a '97 Corvette on the lot here also, an no we don't own it) You can always buy a set and if they don't work out for your lowered stang, you can take them back. The new Vette is pretty low, and amazingly the ramps work with no scraping.

We also have steel ramps that lift a bit higher than these, but you can't drive up onto them! These Rhino Ramps are a good trade off for not having to get out the heavy 3 ton jack and stands. They lift the front end up high enough to do most under stang work. We swap out the h-pipe with these ramps with plenty of room to move around! These ramps work so well, it's almost a "joy" to have to work under your stang! And for $30, you can't loose!

Just drive up the ramps, set the E-brake, secure the rear tires and you can start working !

PS. If you don't have an autoshop near by, you can reach Blitz (the manufacturer) at 1-800-331-3795.


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