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You can submit regular snail mail to:

2134 Newport Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

For Select Stangs:
For select stangs submissions, please include your name (we can't post pics without names) and any info you want to say about your stang. Image files can be attached to your email. Put "select stang
s" in your subject header someplace. Submissions with missing owner names or model year info will need to be re-submitted.

Don't be afraid to put yourself in the picture ! We are about pride of ownership and will feature most submissions from the mild to the wild.

We can scan your pics if you send them to our snail mail address above. Allow a few days for processing.

Please include your best pics, you will be emailed around the time of the posting of your stang, if you didn't get an email and saw your stang posted, let us know.

About feedback:
We try to answer all feedback messages that are sent in, because of the huge volume of Mustang technical questions we get daily, some tech email may go unanswered to allow us time to update the main website, however we try our best to reply. You can post in our messageboard for technical questions regarding the Mustang as well.

Feedback is for sending us anything you want: questions, comments, corrections, announcements, your web page address, photos, sounds, news bits, articles etc...

MW Speedshop product related email should be sent to the email listed in the speedshop department where there is a staff to handle MW product related questions and support.

We give credit to you for things you send in and that get posted, so please include a name which you want credit to be given. It can be your alias or whatever. We may get several emails about the same event, in which case we will credit the first email or all.

Make sure you have a correct email "reply to" address or your reply may get lost.

At times, email goes down, so if you never got a reply to an email, it could be that your email got lost or that our reply got lost.

For the webmaster contact:


Glenn, Henry & The rest of the folks... at Mustangworld.com

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