Screen Saver 1.3 for Windows 95 & NT 4.

Display Properties Screen

( Display properties & Options screen )

NEW FEATURES IN 1.3 (minor update)

We have fixed some minor bugs: Our logo didn't quite fade to black on some high gamma monitor systems (like sony monitors), this was a cosmetic fix and our logo now fades to complete black.

We have added sound support: A "rev sound" plays back whenever a Mustang appears at the right of the page. This sound feature can be turned off in the "settings" menu. It is OFF by default.

We WERE going to have an "installshield" version of our screen saver available, but it made out screen saver twice as large (file size), so instead we are offering the Mustangworld Screen Saver as a self extracting .exe file AND in an uncompressed file format.

Things that will be added soon...

Password support ! Our current screen saver does not implement the password feature in win95 and win NT. We are working hard on implementing this feature. It's taking us a while to implement this feature because our screen saver is fully Active X compatible (for win98 and Windows CE2, and network only computers) which means a little more work for us to make this feature work properly. We know this feature is important, especially in a business setting.

Our free gift to you.

Here's a little gift from us nerds at THE MUSTANGWORLD SCREEN SAVER ! It's our way of saying " live well, kick ass, and prosper ". Show your friends which sports car really rules the road and cyberspace... Mustang ! We use it here on all our Windows machines.

What is it?

 It's a screen saver that runs after there is no mouse or keyboard activity for a while. It's designed to save your screen like any other screen saver. Mustangs randomly appear on the right side of the screen, each with it's own random speed & position. It can get exciting watching which Mustangs will pass others as they travel from left to right. It's one endless "race". A perfect gift for yourself or a friend.... and hey.. it's FREE, FREEWARE, COST NOTHING, NADA, NO MONEY NEEDED, FREE DOWNLOAD DUDE !!

It's a standard .SCR Windows screen saver Extension!

 We wrote it from the ground up in C++ as a standard .SCR windows system extension. NO extra files, NO DLL's, NO extra modules or programs are required ! Just copy our "mustangworld.scr" file into your windows\system directory ! That's it... it's only ONE file. You can then access the Mustangworld screen saver like any other screen saver in your system. You can click on "properties" and adjust the number of Mustangs on the screen. You can also click a button in the options screen to instantly connect to !


The MUSTANGWORLD SCREENSAVER is FREEWARE. MUSTANGWORLD & MoLLER DiGITAL disclaim ALL warranties, implied or otherwise, period.

You can freely distribute the Mustangworld screen saver to others, on floppies, zips, FTP server, HTML server, network, on your web page, whatever but you CAN NOT SELL, GIVE A VALUE TO, OR CHARGE ANY MONEY FOR THE MUSTANGWORLD SCREEN SAVER  ITSELF !


Choose which server to download from:

The Mustangworld Screen Saver version 1.3 for Win95 & NT. FILES:

Click here to download uncompressed .SCR file 235k

Click here to download saver.ZIP file 87k

Installation Instructions:

The above .SCR file is already UNCOMPRESSED, so no ZIP utility is needed, you are downloading the actual Mustangworld.SCR file which is 235K. After you download, simply copy the mustangworld.SCR file into C:\windows\system. This is the folder where all your other system screen savers are located (like the ones that came with your computer and others). This .SCR file somtimes downloads as a .EXE file which it's not. If you are having problems then download the .zip file instead.

The .ZIP file must first be decompressed with Winzip (or other util) then it can be installed.

NOTE: Standard screen savers have this .SCR extension in their file names. On some windows systems, you may NOT see the .scr extension at the end of the file name (some windows95 systems hide this name extension).


It doesn't show up as a screensaver? You'll need to make sure the .SCR file downloaded as an .SCR file. Some browsers download .SCR files as .EXE files. If the screensaver does not show up in your "properties/screensaver" tab after installation then you'll need to simply rename the screensaver to "Mustangworld.SCR" and it should work. You can rename a file by clicking on it and pressing F2, or right click it and select rename. If you are having problems then download the .zip file and uncompress it, then install.

OLE32 TYPE .DLL error ? Some folks may get a OLE32AUT.DLL error, this means that an older program (like an old verion of Corel Draw, etc.) may have overwritten this file with an older version, if you get this error you may need to download fresh OLE32 files:

Olefiles.ZIP - 625k

Note you only have to download the above OLE files if you get an OLE type error when trying to run the screensaver.


Some tips:

1) Try and try again, BUT MAKE SURE you hit your browser's "stop" or "cancel" button to cancel out the first download attempt. If you don't, you may confuse the browser and it will take longer to download the screen saver.

2) Try clearing out your temporary internet files (or browser cache). It may already be downloaded into your browser's cache. If you hit download again your browser may be grabbing the file from your cache and not our server. There is a tech bit about clearing out your browser's cache in our Mustangworld help page it's located in the java news window help section.

3) Wait it out. I know this may sound weird for a file that's only a 235k download but downloading files from the net can be a funny thing sometimes. You may have 99% of the screensaver downloaded but are waiting for only the last 1%, that wait could be 5 minutes! Which is a bummer, waiting for the last 1 byte of the screen saver to download. Our server must "serve out" all download requests a bit at a time (unless canceled by the user). Your computer may "freeze" at like 20% for a while, your computer didn't crash, it's just waiting for more data.

Many people have already successfully downloaded the Mustangworld screen saver, but we want everybody who wants it, to be able to download it.

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