One touch down & Fog light re-wire projects.

One Touch Power Down Window Module (OTPDM) installation for passenger window.

Tech Article by:
Brian Carr

One Touch Power Down Window Module (OTPDM) installation for passenger window.

This method will add the OTPD feature to the passenger side window for all 94+ Mustangs. Both driver and passenger side switches will have the added feature. Only basic hand and wire cutting tools are required.

Basically the installation involves connecting a OTPDM between the window switch and the motor. The installation requires a OTPDM to be purchased. It can be purchased from Ford for about $40 or from a junkyard. I opted to buy it from MPS in Georgia for $25 (1-770-867-2644). Be sure to get the accompanying 10" wire harness for a clean installation. Any module from a base model, GT, or Cobra will work.


.Disconnect the battery.

.Remove the passenger door panels (the hardest part).

A) Remove the plastic trim clip on the lower front part of the door panel.

B) Remove the large plastic panel that contains the handle to pull the door shut. Do this by pressing downward and toward you on the uppermost part of the panel (releasing a snap clip). There are two or three clips that hold the rest of the panel to the door. Pull upward to release them. Once the panel is loose, remove the lock and window terminal block by removing the two phillips head screws.

YOU CAN INSTALL THE OTPDM AT THIS POINT. Continuing will allow better access to the wires and make mounting the module much easier, but it is not necessary.

C) Remove the small plastic panel that resides behind the handle to open the door. There are two snap connectors and a couple of clips that hold this in place. Reach through the opening where the door close handle was and feel for the snaps. They are ribbed. Press downward and toward the inside of the car to release them.

D) Remove the two phillips head screws that were hidden behind the large plastic panel.

E) Non-MACH 460 vehicles can remove the small panel on the front top of the door by simply pulling the panel inward. It is retained with two metal clips (at least my 94 was that way). Unfortunately, MACH 460 vehicles do not allow an easy way to remove the tweeter from the top of the door. I left it in place.

F) The door panel comes off as one piece. It is attached to the door frame by approximately ten large plastic hooks. Lift the door panel upward and then toward the inside of the car. Vehicles with the MACH 460 speakers will require a little extra effort to do this because the tweeter limits the upward travel. My panel came off OK with a fair amount of force.

.Access the necessary wires.

Cut away some of the electrical tape from the wires that run to passenger side switch panel. The R/Y, BK, Y/R, and LB/BK (keyless entry) or PK (non keyless entry) wires will be used. Not all will need to be cut.

.Wire the Module.

Cut the ends of all five wires from the end of the OTPDM harness. Wire the module using the diagram attached. The Helm manual has the wire colors marked incorrectly for the passenger window motor (R/Y and Y/R should be reversed). If by chance these wires do get mixed up, you will end up with a One Touch Power Up Module. This will not hurt anything.

.Test the Module.

Reconnect the battery and check to see if the window module works. Check both switches that power this window. If all is well, wrap harness of wires with electrical tape. If the window operates, but the one touch feature does not work there is most likely a power or ground problem (check LB/BK or PK and BK connections). If the window does not operate at all there is most likely a switch signal problem (check all connections using the Y/R and R/Y wires). If the module is suspect as being faulty it may be tested by connecting the wires back to the harness that it was cut from and plugging it in place of the driver side module (yes this means you would have to disassemble the driver door).

.Mount the module.

The module may be mounted anywhere inside the passenger side door as long as it will not rattle once in place. I chose to mount it just behind the handle to pull the door shut. The module from the 94 base model had a clip that I slid into the 1.5" hole on the door frame. After I attached the door panel I put a 3" thick piece of low density EPDM foam with adhesive to lock it in place and prevent vibrating.

.Reassemble the door panels.

A number of people showed an interest in wiring the rear windows of a convertible to be one touch. This will work by installing a separate OTPDM between the switch and window motors. I have not performed this operation because I do not have a convertible, but it should work the same as the passenger door. If there is someone in the Cincinnati area wanting to perform an install on a convertible I would be willing to help and will update this posting with the outcome. If I do not hear from anyone local I will work with a couple of people via e-mail, fax, or phone to get it working.

There are numerous ways to wire the windows as one touch down (and one touch up for that matter). If you wish to investigate this further on your own, I would recommend obtaining a Helm (1-800-782-4356) Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual and follow the wiring diagrams included.

One touch down diagram above.

Fog Light Rewire

Tech Article by:
Brian Carr

The following change will allow the fog lights to be turned on anytime the key is in the "run" position.. This prevents the battery from being drained if the fog lights are accidentally left on when the vehicle is turned off. .The procedure applies to any 94+ Mustang with fog lights.

From the factory, the fog light switch receives a 12V signal when the head lights are turned on. This signal allows the fog light switch to send a signal to the fog light relay. The operation of the switch can be changed by removing the signal from the headlights and replacing it with a signal that is present when the key is in the run position.


Remove the storage compartment from the center console by removing the small rubber stops, removing screws, and pulling upward to release snaps. Reach in and press the fog light switch upward out of the console.

Both coupe and convertible use the same wire harness in the center console. The convertible top motor switch has a 12V power signal only when the key is in the "run" position. Obviously, the connector is located next to the fog light switch, unused on coupes. The purple/orange wire carries the 12V source. Remove the red/black wire from the fog light switch connector and cover all exposed wire with electrical tape (prevent it from grounding). On coupes, replace the red/black wire with the purple/orange wire using a female spade end. On convertibles, remove the red/black wire from the fog light switch and connect a jumper from the purple/orange wire to the fog light switch, thus sending the 12V signal to both switches. Both the fog light switch and convertible top switch are only energizing relays, so over loading wires and melting insulation will not occur. See diagram below.

Wires can be removed from their connectors by pulling the red plastic cover off the end of the connector. This exposes the clips that retain each wire. Press on the appropriate clip and pull the wire from the connector.

Fog light re-wire diagram above.