'96 - '97 MUSTANG 3.8L V6 FEATURE

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 Below are pics of a Mustang I bought in Feb '97. It was a new '96 Mustang V6. I wanted a daily driver, automatic, something I could relax in. I've got 3 other Mustangs for drag racing and hate shifting in L.A. traffic. The V6 Mustang is actually quite punchy, you can feel pretty good acceleration. For the most part, you get all the looks of a Mustang GT (less wing, rims, fog lights, "Mustang GT" molded into the rear bumper and dual exhaust pipes) and you get the exact same interior as a GT (less sport bucket seats). In the V6 there is a slightly different seat, but it's still very comfortable.

 The '97 Mustang V6 has a "Spot Appearance Group" option that gives you the rims you see below (but with a billet machined look), leather wrapped steering wheel, lower bodyside stripes and rear spoiler (like on the GT). 4 wheel disc brakes are also standard. I really dig the remote keyless entry system which lets me pop the trunk and doors. It flashes the head and tail lamps and lights the interior for you to get in or when you leave. It also has a panic button that honks the horn and flashes the lights. I don't have this on the other Mustangs and wish I did.  Apparently, this is not just a simple "plug-in" module you can buy in the parts dept., it is a real pain in the butt to install requiring you to splice into 8+ wires and costs $174. You also don't get the 4 button remote, you get a 2 button remote that only opens / closes the doors.  The Ford dealer said the 4 button remote system is a "factory" installed system only. I hope he's wrong. I'm still looking into this one.

To hear this mofo with factory stock exhaust click here. You can also hear other Mustang sounds on MW's sound page !

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