How to add a Subwoofer setup to your stock MACH 460 Headunit/ System
(By Deespeed and thanks to Chris Z)

A lot of people are very happy with the MACH 460 sound system…Even though it will never compare to much of the aftermarket equipment available it is one of the top if not the best stock systems available in a lot of cars. Like myself and many others though you wish you could have just a TAD bit more bass with out the distortion you receive if you cranked up the bass out of the stock speakers. Many of people have said if you add a Subwoofer to the stock headunit you will run into issues w/ phasing and “overpowering” the stock stuff and possibly under powering the subs from a lack of signal strength. This is true if you tap into the stock speaker leads but you dont….

Now you may be thinking were in the hell else would you tap….Well I have some news….You don’t even have to remove the radio to install a subwoofer in your car w/ beautiful sound and stock sounding bass notes with more “umph” I will explain this and much more just read below:

This is the stock MACH 460 6-Disc Changer which is such a great option…

Ok the trick to the MACH system is that there is a “Data Cable” that delivers the signal to the speakers. It delivers the signal to the speakers like RCA outputs do on an aftermarket headunit…It will provide a much stronger and cleaner signal then tapping off of a wire lead…Its located in the back of the car…I received this box with my entire system but its temporary till mine is done being built…

This is what my trunk looks like currently with the JL 250/1 Amp, I hid all the wires behind the factory rack as you will see later…..

That Date Cable is located right behind the MACH rack…You can access it from the trunk of fold down the backseats either way you will have to lay on your back to do the work.

You need a LINE OUT CONVERTER to transmit the signal to your subs through RCA cables. What you need to do is splice into the following wires (2) black wires with white stripes and (2) black wires with green stripes w/ the white striped ones being negative…
Make sure you keep the negative (-) on the converter to the same on the data cable…

Now if your amp has a signal sense feature you wont have to run any wire to the front other then the power cable. You didn’t even have to remove the radio to get everything hooked up. But if your amp doesn’t have a signal sense feature you will have to run a remote lead wire. Now I know it may sound simple but a lot of people don’t know were to run it or run it to the wrong place. The best place is under the dash to the fuse box into an accessory fuse…..Yes I have neons under my dash, haha

The factory Groumet on the driver side Id recommend you use for the Power cable

For the Most part that is all you have to know Everything else is just normal stereo install stuff….Now I recommend you turn the bass setting alll the way down and then place with the line converter with the gain on the amp turned half way up then turn it back down once you like the way it sounds coming out of the converter then you can place with the gain and other settings on the amp and headunit…Any Questions or Concerns feel free to email me at I owe a huge thanks to Chris Z….

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