Making a set of Exhaust Cut Outs
from Oil Drum caps
Written by Mike Martin

I purchased a set of flowmaster 2 chamber (loud) style mufflers , but all my friends know that's not gonna be near loud enough for me. I made my own invention of the "DUMPS" effect , but still keeping your stock tail pipes intact.
I took the mufflers and had a 2 1/4" hole cut out on the exit side beside the tail pipe.

Then I went to the local oil drum grave yard and CUT the entire seal off the top of a 55 gallon oil drum (Threads and cap both)

I cleaned up the caps and outside threads on a grinder . Note: I used stainless steel oil drums so I knew they would never rust

Third is the rear view of both opened up.

I had the local muffler shop weld the outer threaded ring to the hole on the muffler. There you go!

The sound is the Deepest and loudest/clearest in any car I've ever been in that still had its 6 cats on. That's right , the factory H-pipe is still on. Not raspy.

2 stainless caps that will not leak period. - Mike


MW Note: To re-cap (no pun intended :-) These are stainless steel caps from oil drums that were cut from the drums in a junkyard and cleaned (threaded ring and cap), the threaded ring and cap were then welded into a cut hole at the rear of the muffler by a muffler shop.

To open, you simply un-thread the cap on both mufflers.

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