Written by Matt Bannon "DECH99GT"

Before you start, this system was made for a 4.6L GT, it will not work on 5.0's, but you 3.8L people shouldn't have a problem All Parts can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Parts You Need.

2. PVC Angle 4"Diameter
3. Rubber Sleeve 4"Diameter.....this comes with two screw down clamps on each end
4. PVC Reducer....the one end fits into the 4"PVC angle and the other end reduces down to 3"
5. Flat Head screw down clamps
6. help Pull 4" Sleeve over 4" PVC angle

Step one.
Step 1 photo. PVC Angle with Rubber Sleeve attached.

STEP #1 Pull 4"rubber sleeve over 4"PVC angle Piece. Since both sleeve and PVC angle have a 4" diameter its a tough job. Put some soap on the PVC angle to help the sleeve slid over....Use Vice-Grips to latch on to the sleeve to help pull over. Leave about 1" or so hanging over the PVC angle so you can clamp it down to the Mass Air Opening.

Step 2
Step 2 Photo. Insert PVC Reducer section.

STEP#2 Put The PVC reducer piece on the other end of the PVC as of now you have the sleeve on one end and the reducer on the other.

Step 3
Step 3 photo. K&N attached.

STEP#3 Ok here is where it gets tricky.The opening at the bottom of my K&N is 3.5" but the reducer piece at the end of the PVC angle is only 3". You do the math.....its obvious that the K&N opening is far to big to fit over the reducers small 3" diameter. I was unable to find a reducer which went from 4" at the one end to 3.5" at the other end...I Could not find this anywhere, I'm not to sure if it exists. If you do see one make sure you get it b/c it should fit perfectly into the K&N's 3.5" opening. Ok heres what I did. I bought another rubber sleeve except this one was 3"diameter. I slid it over the reducer piece (again having to use soap and vicegrips) and cut it off flush with the end of the reducer. When I tried putting the K&N on the reducer with the Sleeve over it was now to thick, so i shaved down the sleeve with sand paper, file, anything I could find to use. I kept filing down unitll the K&N fit perfectly. Again when I slid the K&N on I spread soap around the reducer to help the K&N slide over easily. You can do what I did or try to think of something else to make the K&N fit snuggly.

Step 4
Step 4 Photo. Remove K&N and you are ready to install.

STEP#4 Now your system is done, you have the PVC angle with the sleeve on one end and the K&N attached to the other....Now pull the reducer along with the K&N off the PVC angle. So you now have the K&N with reducer attached in one hand, and the PVC angle with the rubber sleeve attached in the other hand. YOUR READY TO INSTALL.....grab a friend , this is a two man job.

Step 5
Step 5 Photo. Installation.

STEP#5 Ok, go out to your stang and pop the hood. As I said before the system is in two pieces....1. PVC angle with rubber sleeve 2. K&N with reducer piece attached.

Now make sure your stock silencer, and filter housing etc is off.

Get your helper to slide under the car with the K&N (with reducer attached) and put it up in the fender, The wheel well guard kinda gets in the way, its very flexible just push it in and slide the K&N up.

Now you have your PVC angle in your hands put it just in front of the opening where the stock air silencer went. Have your buddy reach up with the K&N as far as he can so the reducer piece is right at the opening.

Now your looking at the opening, your buddy has the K&N in his hand sitting right at the opening. The reducer piece which slides right into the PVC angle is right at the opening, put the PVC angle to the hole and then push it into the reducer piece, it takes a bit of work but it will all work out. So now your ready to connect your system up to the MAR (is that what its called) whatever the black circle is that extends from the MAF. You will have to do a bit of manipulating, pull the rubber sleeve over the Mass air opening clamp and clamp it down tight. When its all clamped down pull on it twist it etc. you dont want it to sip off when driving.

All Done
Fished job Photo.


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