Installing a set of Cobra tail lights
Written by Jonathan Tam

I recently did this install on my 99 V6 Mustang. I found this installation to be fairly easy. Instead of your rear tail lamps blinking red when you use your signals, the Cobratail lamps blink yellow, but still brake red. The picture above shows my '99V6 with the new tail light assemblies installed and my Brother-In-Law Bryan's '99 Cobra. It's definitely one mod that you can do to your Stang
that will make it stand out above the rest.

Total installation time was approximately 3 hours.

Tools Needed: All of the wiring and connectors are all included in the
Kit. You'll need some wire cutters/strippers, electrical tape, and basic tools
like wrences and/or socket set.

Step 1 - Open the rear trunk and remove the rear panels and center trim
around the latch to access the tail lamp studs and nuts. There should be
four per lamp. Disconnect the harness running to each tail light and
removeboth assemblies.

Step 2 - Starting witht the left unit (Driver's side) remove each harness
with sockets from the old tail lamp assembly and re-install exactly in the
same locations in the new tail lamp. You will notice that there already is
a separate socket in the new tail lamp for the yellow turn signal.

Step 3 - Cut the two green with orange stripe wires approximately 1 1/4"
out of the taped harness on the tail lamp assembly. Splice the two ends coming out of the harness together and crimp on a blue famale to female
Splice the color wire coming off the socket marked "DA" (Yellor turn
signal, not back up light) and unto the other end of the blue female to female

Step 4 - Using a quick splice connector, take the other wire on the "DA"
socket (Black) and splice it to either one of the two black wires on the
tail light harness. (This is your ground).

Step 5 - Splice the two remaining green with orange stripe wires together
coming out of sockets amrket "CA", Twist them together and crimp on a
female to female blue connector.

Step 6 - Take the supplied 14 guage wire that measures 62" and run one end
through the rubber boot on the tail light harness. Use a Screwdriver to
poke a hole through the boot for the wire to pass through. Connect the wire to
the two green with orange stripe wires you just spliced together from the
sockets "CA".

Step 7 - Repeat steps 2 thru 6 except use orange with blue stripe wires
for the right tail lamp assembly (passenger side) instead of the green with
orange stripe wires. Also, Use the supplied 96" blue wire lead as the
additional wire feed running through the harness boot instead of the 62"
used on the driver's side.

Step 8 - Now look under the dash at the steering column and find the
yellow flasher unit next to the steering column on the console side. Pull the
flasher unit off of it's bracket and unplug it. In the black plug you will
see a red square peg in the right lower corner . Take a small screwdriver
and remove it and re-install it in the left lower corner of the plug.
Install the supplied blue flasher unit and slide it back onto the bracket.

Step 9 - Look for a gray plug connector next to the steering column
towards the door side. This is an important step in this whole installation. Look
for a solid green wire coming out of the gray connector. This is the brake
feed wire that interrupts the turn signal circuit. You must cut the Solid
Green Wire. If you can, tape off both ends of the cut wire.

Step 10 - Temporarily re-install tail lamp assemblies and temporarily
connect tail light harnesses. You should have left and right turn signals
(Yellow) and park/run lights when you turn on the headlights. You will not
have brake lights yet. If all works, remove tail lights and use silicone
sealant on all splices you made on each tail light assembly. Reinstall the
tail light running harnesses and jumper leads through the factory hole in
the tail panel. Don't worry about the silicone not being dry.

Step 11 - Run the blue jumper lead from the right tail light assembly
along the factory harness inside the rear tail panel. Tape the jumper lead to
the harness about every six inches. As the right jumper lead passes by jumper
lead from the left tail light, tape them both together to the factory
harness up until the square connector over the left wheel well. Once the
two wires have reached the connector, cut the two jumper wires even with each other and twist them together.


Step 12 - Using a quick spliceconnector, splice the two jumper wires unto
the solid green wire coming out of the connector. This is the same green
wire that was cut earlier under the dash. Id doesn't matter which sde of
the connector you're on, just make sure you splice onto the solid green wire.
That is your brake lite feed.

Step 13 - Before putting back all the panels, test all of the lighting
systems. Turn signals should only be the yellow lenses and park/run lights
should be checked. Even try the back-up lights. If everything checks out,
then put it all back together. If there are any problems then you can call
the guys at Kar Kraft Engineering where I got the kit and the instructions
for this installation.



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