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What can you get for $69 bucks to change the looks of your stang? You can install a set of clear corner marker lights. These units are available from different places, look around, we got ours from BBK.

This is perhaps the easiest install you will ever do on your Mustang. It installs in minutes.


1. Here's what they look like. Clear Corner marker lights. The bulbs inside your stang are still yellow, so having these corner markers in place changes the look of your stang more during the day. At night, the yellow bulbs (which are mandatory) still . Clear Corner markers
2. Looking at the back side of the light, you can see the two snap locations, plastic guide rod and the bolting location. This unit is held in place with only one bolt and 2 snaps. Rear View
3. Looking at the stock light setup with the amber corner marker. Let's get into the installation. Go ahead and pop your hood. Disconnect the battery if you want, we didn't, installation is a total breeze. Stock Amber
4. First, unscrew that funny looking plastic bolt near the sides of your stang. It is holding down the plastic panel pop. Located above the lights. It unscrews easily, and when re-installed, it may feel like you stripped it, but it's in fact normal for it to spin even after it's down. Plastic bolt / pop
5. Next with one finger holding the plastic panel pop, lift the plastic cover off. Make sure you hold the plastic panel pop (remember you removed the bolt in the pervious step), or it may fly into your eye, or across the floor and you may loose it. Then you can remove it to leave only a hole (like you see in the photo). Lift off, while holding bolt/pop
6. Look in and you will see the one and only bolt/nut holding the corner marker light assembly in place. Get a wrench with socket extension and remove the nut. Only one nut to remove

7. Next wedge your fingers around the light assembly and simply "pop" it off. It might seem like you are about to brake it, but be careful and it will eventually come loose. Pull gently, remember it's still connected to a light so you don't want to pull it to far out.

Pull it out
8. Now you can remove the light bulb by simply turning it, then pulling it. Then, re-install it into the new light assembly. The bulb is amber colored (required by most states to be amber in color). This is your blinker light. Transfer Bulb
9. Once the bulb is installed, you can line up the plastic guide rod and steel snaps then push the new assembly into place until you hear it "pop" into place. Then bolt it in. Pop new one in.

That's It !

Til Next time, see ya on the street !

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