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Mustangworld Stillen Factory Tour
Photos by Glenn Moller

One of the Stillen projects. Complete with Stillen / AP racing braking systems and more.
Stillen has a large selection of parts for 05+ Mustangs and other Ford cars and trucks
You can see more of it here .

The Stillen facility is located in Costa Mesa, California and the main building can be seen to the right when landing at the prestigious John Wayne airport. In fact, thats the airport control tower in the photo we took above in the upper right :-)

A shout out to John Zinn and Michael Ullrich for giving us the tour.

Stillen currently employs over 120 people. The corporate complex is comprised of 90,000 square feet and houses all of the integral areas.

Entrance / Lobby.

Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc. and Stillen humbly started back in 1986. Starting with aftermarket mini-truck appearance packages, they quickly found themselves fulfilling customer's requests to build products for other vehicles such as Astro Vans and full-sized trucks.

Steve’s racing heritage and product testing experience with Nissan, Toyota and Ford naturally grew beyond urethane body kit production to all out performance products including everything from Supercharger kits, Big Brake Kits, Exhaust Systems, Suspension components, etc.  The company soon found itself in a leadership position in the performance world becoming well known for developing products that addressed all aspects of a well balanced vehicle.  They manufacturer everything in house and have world class installation facility, a true one stop shop

Stillen is a parts manufcturer, distributer and retailer. Selling aftermarket parts for various makes and model cars.

The relationship between Stillen and Ford goes back decades. Their relationship in racing and motorsports has been strong over the years. Company founders, Steve Millen and David Schollum have been racing around the world for over 30 years. A relationship that continues to this day with Steve running the Stillen Ford GT in the 2006 New Zealand Targa Ralley in New Zealand in cooperation with Ford.  The racing experience with this car also served as a product testing platform for the many products that Stillen is now manufacturing for the GT. More information on the GT can be found here

Showroom areas.

Order and support staff.

Various Awards.

You look as far as you can see and see a complete facility stretching back to the runway at John Wayne Airport. Just to the far right in the photo an outdoor dynojet area. Stillen also owns and maintains 2 more buildings across the street and about a mile down the road that house the enormous warehouse and the advanced tube bending and fabrication facilty.

A variety of trucks.

Inside one of the larger buildings was some of the parts inventory.

Also in another corner was Stillen's SEMA project Mustang (still in stock form.. hehe). Stillen is about to release their 05+ mustang trim / ground effects package (all produced in house) and we'll have updates on this as well as photos from SEMA in vegas soon.

The parts are beginning to stack up in John's office for this car :-)


Here is where things get interesting, Stillen has many things "in house" so to speak. Including a full service garage with 6 bays and 4 lifts, dynojet, shop and service facility. Here you can get everything from custom brakes, supercharger installs, 4 wheel laser alignment rack, or an oil change for your car or truck. The expertise of the service staff is unparralled and many customers ship their cars in from other states and even over seas to be outfitted with the latest Stillen equipment.

Inside the garage to the side was this race prepped Ford GT.
More info on the Stillen Ford GT


More Stillen in house features include, Reasearch and development, Engineering, Testing and R&D, Body component modeling and urethane production, fabrication, brake kit assembly, supercharge kit assembly, machine shop, computerized mandrel tube benders, and on and on.


Stillen project F150
More info on the Stillen F150

Here is John Znin's daily driver. A Mustang GT equipped with a Stillen Exhaust kit and many other mods.

This is not our last visit to Stillen...

Check back in the near future for photos of their new 05+ Mustang body kit (which we got a sneek peek of) and other developments.

For more information visit:

Or call: (800) 858-0534



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