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Well another show has come and gone, there were a few stangs at the show this year that got some attention, the '99 Cobra and Convertible. Here are some highlights of the show.


Here's a few highlights out of those pics:

The '99 Cobra, here's the white convertible. Notice no wing on this one. A nice set of rims on it also. '99 Cobra
Another '99 Cobra. A red coupe. Notice the round headlights up front. This one looked kinda slammed? '99 Cobra
How about a '99 GT with a Vortech blower installed. Who says OBDII won't let you.. :-). Vortech '99 GT
How about a '99 Roush Mustang? This one looked intense. Rims and ground effects added. Roush '99 stang
Remember that stang in Hot Rodding magazine ? Here it is in the flesh. Looked great. Hot Rod Magazine stang
A lowly looking 4.6L stang was parked outside the show building. But under the hood a Vortech blower with aftercooler system (where the batt should be). Like a radiator for your blower :-). This one also has a chromed SVO intake and some suspension mods. 4.6L w/ aftercooler

This year was a great turnout.

Nice turnout
There were a few classic stangs like this one that looked simply amazing. Mustangs Plus Mustang. '68 hauler

Of course they try...

Hey, that aint no stang!.


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