Mustangworld at SEMA 2000
Photos and Text by Glenn Moller /

Create your own hurricane with the V7 YS-trim

What can we say other than wow.

We didn't get our specs on it yet :-) We'll post soon. Reminds us of 777 Jet engine. It can produce 1000HP in the 5.0 SHO kits (super high output). The kicker.. Carb EO# D-213-17. Street legal.

Some of the SQ kits:

Cool numbers on the 99 - 00 HO kit
They had some nice numbers on their 99 - 00 GT (that's GT) HO kits with aftercooler.

99 - 00 Kit 4.6L GT HO with Aftercooler
Dynoed at 436HP and 422lb of Torque
Carb EO# D-213-17

That compares close with a "base" Blown 99 Cobra kit which comes in at 464HP and 406lbs of Torque, but remember the base kits in the Cobra have no aftercooler. Vortech has a "HO" version coming for the Cobra soon, we are waiting for the numbers.

I wonder if you can get a Camaro to 436HP and 422lbs and still be 100% street legal in California ?.. humm.

and for the V6 !
Dynoed at 215HP
and 259lbs of torque


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