Mustangworld at SEMA 2000
Photos and Text by Glenn Moller /

Kenny Brown 4.2 V6 Club Racer (245HP)
Turning up the performance in the V6 !

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We talked to Kenny Brown at the show at the Jacob's booth and it took us by suprise when he mentioned this was a V6 stang! The hood was closed so we didn't know :-)

Kenny has added a ton of tweaks including a whole new K-member that moves the engine rearward a bit for better balance, a Cobra re-worked IRS rear, and much more...

Engine is a 245HP 4.2L Club Sport engine package which is based on the 3.8L Ford engine. Performance ported heads, cam and ported intake manifold. Kenny designed a custom 70mm inlet T-body convertion kit for the Ford Racing 70mm unit. Hi-po injectors, Jacobs ignition, March underdrive pulleys, remote oil filter and cooler and HD power steering cooler.

The exhaust is a Kenny Brown / Bassani X-pipe with high flow cats and a Bassani cat-back Cobra exhaust (remember this has IRS in the rear :-)

Pro-5.0 shifter / handle and knob, Dazz 18" sport alloy rims, Pirelli street racers P-zero Corsa.

Rear diff is a FRP aluminum IRS carrier assembly with 3.73 gears, Raxels high performance half shafts, Auburn limited slip diff and a Kenny Brown Design IRS specific, thermo controlled diff oil cooler package with remote cooling fan.

The chassis mods are all Kenny Brown designed additions with Extreme matrix subs, custom street cage, extreme duty strut tower brace, rear tower brace and Optima battery relocated to the rear seat.

Front suspension, Kenny Brown designed Advanced Geometry front module reduces weight by over 50# from OE assembly, Tubular K-member featuring "fixed strut" geometry, with improved roll center envelope, camber gain and tow curve, plus this extends the wheelbase forward 1 inch (neat :-).

Kenny's Tubular lower control arms, Hyperco coil over spring package and coil over front strut conversion.

Rear suspension is a Cobra production unit with revised performance geometry using Kenny's advanced IRS module weight is reduced by 70# over OE assembly with improved center envelope, camber gain, anti-factor and tow steer. New rear upper and lower control arms which are 44# lighter than original. Koni's at all fours.

Brakes are Cobra R front and Cobra rear.

Unique on the styling front were many things including these new heat relieving fender vents that are functional. Carbon fiber wing, front air dam with carbon fiber splitters, side skirt carbon fences, PIAA driving lights and custom graphics.

Interior highlights are an SPA micro dash with data acquisition, features speedo, tach, oil pressure, water temp, three stage shift light, performance indicator, lap timer and 6 extra data monitoring channels. Sparco Race seats, B&L dash cover.

We are seeing more and more incredible V6 machines, this car was road course tested against some other exotic "roadster" imports and came out on top. Looks like an era of V6 Mustang performance is coming at us faster than you can say 3.8L or should we say 4.2 :-). - MW


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