Mustangworld at SEMA 2000
Photos and Text by Glenn Moller /

Rolling out many new Novi 1000 kits

Novi 1000 whole and cutaway

We talked to Dave at Paxton and were impressed with a slew of complete ready to go kits featuring the Novi 1000.

Coming in at a lower price point than the Novi 2000 and still being able to produce 12lbs + boost, this looks nice.

We were excited to see kits ready to go with the Novi 1000 line right up to the 2001 stang model year.

For those thinking about moving up to a Novi 2000 later on, you can use all your existing brackets. Note that in the standard 8 lbs range we are seeing the Novi 1000 on the product lists producing the same HP as the Novi 2000 :-)

The kits come with brackets, cast alum discharge tubes, 30# injectors, chip, K&N air filter, by-pass valve and blower.

Some new Novi 1000 Kit numbers (just some of the kits):

Novi 1000 for 2001 GT:
Dynoed at: 347.8 HP @ 5750 RPM
Torque 351 @ 4750 RPM

Novi 1000 for 1998 GT:
Dynoed at: 306.9 HP @ 5750 RPM
Torque 316.4 @ 4250 RPM

Novi 1000 for 99 Cobra:
Dynoed at: 467.0 HP @6500 RPM
Torque 426 @ 5000 RPM

Novi 1000 for 96 - 98 Cobra:
Dynoed at: 441.4 HP @6750 RPM
Torque 371.8 @ 5750 RPM


Novi 2000 in Steeda's Mustang


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