Mustangworld at SEMA 2000
Photos and Text by Glenn Moller /

"Shaker" Mustang by Classic Design Concepts
Taking retro into the new millenium

The whole black portion above is a plastic insert. With intake popping through. This is the "Shaker hood" system.

CDC had a fully decked out "Shaker" Mustang. It was equipped with their new functional Shaker hood system.

The neat thing about this system is the way Classic was able to use many of the stock parts including a stock hood.

Normally aspirated version. Supercharged version also avail.

You can see above that the system is piped into an inverted stock air box, complete with stock air silencer being used as part of the ram air setup. There is a rubber boot with drainage to let the water drain out for when you drive in the wet. There is also a version that fits a supercharger system. The system looked like a factory option.

Click photo for larger version

The cool part is that when you cut your hood, you don't need to be a certified body working tech. CDC includes an entire hood plastic insert molded in black. This means no painting and if you messup, it covers the mistakes :-)

The retro interior looked nice. Seats reminded us of our 68 we had :-)


Small touches like retro markings for the speedo numbers, etc.. Though our pic here is a little out of focus you can stll see the numbers there. This also reminded us of our 68 :-)

Shaker Mustang specs:

Shaker Hood system - CDC
Side Rockers - CDC
Side Exhaust - CDC
Side Scoops - CDC
Quad Driving lights - CDC
Grille - CDC
X-pipe - CDC
Shocks - Tokico
Lowering Springs - Steeda
Performance Upgrades - Paul High Performance
Torque Thrust Wheels - American Racing
Tires - Good Year
Caster Camber Plates - Steeda
Short throw shifter - Steeda
Front export Brace - Steeda
Front Sway bar - Steeda
Sequential tail lights - CDC
Directional Mirrors - CDC

Custom High back seating - Lear Gear
Dash Hydro Graphics - Pro Del
Upgraded loop carpet - CDC
Light bar - CDC
Unique intrumentation - CDC
Supercharger - Paxton
Steering Wheel - CDC
Amplifiers - Kicker
Subs - Kicker
Speakers - Kicker
Bullet style pedals - Sequia Tool

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