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Painting the Chrome Pony Corral Black
by Matt O. (Matt-00GT)

Makes your pony look like it's runnin' free :-)
In stock form there is a chrome ring around the pony. The Chrome ring pops out and it can be painted black as described below. - MW

Whats needed: 1 can flat black spray paint.

Step one
Pop hood.
Pull on the chrome corral grill piece (around pony) firmly on one side to get the tabs to unhook.
Repeat for each side. This is not easy to do. You do not want to break any of
the plastic tabs off that hold the piece on. Just take your time and it will
come off. If you are really stuck then you can use 2 flat-head screwdrivers
and pry it off.

Step two
Thoroughly clean the chrome corral off.

Step three
Spray a coat of the flat black paint on the chrome part. Let the paint sit for 20-30 mins and then come back and spray on a second even coat of paint.

Step four
Let it COMPLETELY dry before attempting to attach it again. If you try to push it on when the paint is not dry you will leave some nasty looking fingerprints in the finish. That would look un-good, so just let it dry for about 45mins.

Step five
Reattach by pushing in each side evenly. Do not push one side completely in and then do the other side, it will get messed up and stuck.

Step six
Get ready for people to ask where you got your cool "black out grille, and
where can I get one?"

Enjoy! Also, visit <---he took these nice digi pics for
me. - Matt

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