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Mike's 2000 Sunbust Gold GT

Hi everybody!! Well after about a year of viewing all the great Mustangs in the Stampede and Select Stangs, I finally have the chance to send mine over. It's a Sunburst Gold 2000 GT. The only options it is lacking is leather and engine block heater.

After 10 years of driving 4 door/4 cylinder econocars, I'm back in the saddle of a Mustang!!!

Before Tint Job.

After Tint

My mods have been minor so far. The air silencer has been removed and a K&N Air Filter has been installed. I'm going to take my time in modifying this car starting with the engine and working my way through the exhaust and suspension, followed by the interior and the body. I kinda like to play the role of "sleeper" for awhile.

We can't forget the sibling shot now. This is where my sister comes in.

Then there's the college alumni stickers. I have to give credit as to what helped make the good things happen for me.

My interior is stock for now. The blue tape is from the tinting place. You know why. ;-) There will be some changes to the Mach 460 system. It's a great foundation to work off of but there's always room for improvement. Factory speakers = Factory performance = Purchasing Aftermarket Audio Components.

The Cobra R wheels would definitely look good on her. Come On Tax Refund!!!!

It's great to be back in the realm of Mustang owners again. :-) On a final note I would like to share with you the Mustang that started it all for me.

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