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Ash's 2013 Mustang GT
Conroe, TX

This is my brand new 2013 Gray GT, 6speed, its the base model but came with the 3.73 gears. i'm very happy with it, this is my 3rd mustang and just amazed by it.
1. was 2001 lazor red mustang, with nitrous and a bunch of steeda goodies on it
2. 2004 SY Mach 1 w/ Built 5.0 shortblock w/ D1sc running 13 psi and on a loaded dyno was 513RWHP and 493RWTQ
3. 2013 GT as showned here

for me i just wanted a change from my mach and i didn't use all the power i had, so what better than to move on next to a 2013 GT, works for me and haven't regreted it one day.
anyways onto the list of mods and future mods.i figure the GT i rather have a good suspension street car

As you can already see there has been a few mods done to it, but nothing major
Current mods:
-MDD Hood struts
-Plasti dip: Hood vents and rims (temp job)
-Tinted windows
-Heartthrob muffler delete axle back
-Purple heart plates are order, custom that say ASH302

This GT isn't getting a whole lot of goods like my 2004 mach 1 i had did. some of the the future mods are
-Shelby GT500 spoiler
-18x9 black rims (haven't picked which ones out)
-smoked front singles
-Roush chin spoiler
-Boss 302 grille and black roof decal
-Steeda CAI
-Lund Racing tune with ghost cams
-Steeda sport springs
-Steeda adj front and rear swaybar
-Steeda shocks and struts
-Steeda short throw shifter with bushing
-Steeda billet lower rear control arms
-Steeda graphic kit
-Steeda strut tower brace
-get my two 10in subs and 1000watt amp installed
-all weather floor mats liners
-carbon fiber dash trim with shift boot

i believe that is most of it, again i'm not in any rush to do all this just like having my list picked out.




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