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Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

It’s a long time ago since my last posting here at MW in April 2010. I couldn’t let my finger off and just change one last part on my Mustang S02. I swap of the hood to one of these aftermarket ramair hoods and it changed the whole look of the car to its final style.

In October 2010 I bought my first GT 5.0 in white which I called the project S03 and after that came S04, S5.0 and the current Mustang is the S06. I the meantime I sold all even S06 but not S02 which is my true baby. Now I use my winter car which is a Ford Focus since we got a lot of snow here in Switzerland. I can’t wait drive the 2013 GT next spring.

See some pics in historic order below.

My wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year goes out to every Mustang enthusiast out there and to you Guys at MW!




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