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DJ’s 2010 Mustang GT
Kimberly, AL

It’s been a long time since I’ve submitted pictures to MW for the Select Stangs so I’ll post all the stangs I’ve aquired over the years.

My previous Mustangs were featured here:

Here’s another one of my 2000 GT:

I sold my first GT to upgrade to a 99 Saleen SC281:

I sold my Saleen to buy a house, but later got the urge for another Mustang so I bought a 2001 Cobra after being outbid on Ebay on another SC281 Saleen Speedster:



I only kept the Cobra a few months. It wasn’t what I really wanted but I got a good deal on Ebay and couldn’t pass it up. I actually sold it, and made a little extra. I went back to Ebay to search for an 03/04 Cobra but they were a hot item and still going for a pretty stealthy price. I found an 05 GT listed on Ebay by a local dealer and couldn’t pass it up. Honestly, I hated the S197’s when I initially saw them, but they grew on me, especially after seeing an 05 Roush.

Being dyno tuned by Doug Studdard at Bama Chips after HRTBRKR Racing installed a C&L CAI and ZEX nitrous kit

The car made 385rwhp/485ft lbs tq on a 125 shot w/ a conservative tune.

I sold this one to plan a wedding, buy my 3rd house, and plan for another baby. After sitting out a few years, I decided to wait for the much anticipated return of the 5.0. After waiting it out, I heard of a dealership in town getting a black one w/ brembo brake kit. I went for a test drive and fell in love.

They also had a similar 2010 and I couldn’t pass up the deal. For the price of the 2011 I could have bought the 2010, added a supercharger and still financed it with 0% apr. So that’s where I’m at now, a 2010 with mild bolt ons waiting to add a supercharger.


Added a Carbon 3D500 rear spoiler and GT500 rear diffuser


Mods Include: C&L and SCT Tune combo/FRPP Springs/FRPP cut/clamp X-pipe/ Borla Axle-backs/HRE P40-Style Black Staggerd 19” Wheels/GT500 SVT center caps/ Roush Side Skirts/ CDC Chin Spoiler/ Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter & Eibach camber bolts.

Near Future Mods: Steeda adjustable upper control arm/ Steeda Billet lower control arms/ Steeda adjustable panhard rod.

Future Mods: Brembo brake upgrade, and supercharger. (Haven’t decided which one yet, but it’s narrowed down to Roush TVS or 2.3ltr FRPP Whipple)


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