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Ward and Ellen's 2011 Roush 5XR
Suffolk, VA

This is a banner time for muscle car enthusiasts all over the USA.  The fever is high and the quality is at its highest!  Ellen and I had to move up a bit.  Here are pictures of our 2011 Roush 5XR #29.  Thanks to all those who rally around Stangs with blowers and suspension mod’s we decided to go to the top (it’s cheaper in the long run).

We upgraded;
Reduced Blower pullies
Engine computer (enable 620 hp)
Window tint to the legal limit
Black out the lights – also the legal limit
Escort 9500ix
Upgraded to Brembo front brakes and vented rear
Also has the trunk tool box

What a car, this one is quick.  The first thing we did was bury the Speedo!

Not bad for a daily driver….autocross here we come!



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