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Joe's 2006 Mustang GT Vert

This toy was former resident of Florida, before it found the looong way over the ocean to Switzerland. It's the 06 GT premium model, black top, windveil blue (very rare overhere), automatic transmission. The Super Snake stripes are painted - the running horses on the backside are stickers done by a friend. It runs pretty amazing. Sound is gorgeous. Still in the U.S. (Cary, North Carolina) we put shorter springs and 20 inch wheels on it. I don't like overloaded modifies - love the rough stock stile. 

I am a Mustanger since 1996, when I took my first GT 95 model over to Switzerland. I'm still to young to get my year model - the 67 models are incredibly high priced overhere. The Stangs have big family overhere, although they aren't in the official car import program by Ford. Nobody understands, but who cares;-)  All Stangs in Europe are imported by individuals. Like you guys in North America, we can't really wait for the 2011 model. The child in us? No question - it's going to be a very noisy summer :-)

Deepest respect for your HP. The best one so far. Love it since 1998. Keep this alive as long Stangs hit the road. THANKS


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