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Nathan's 06 Mustang GT

I have made several upgrades to my mistress ( thats what my wife calls my stang).

Exterior and Dress-up (paint and body by Reeder-Simco of Ft. Smith, AR):
1. FC Customs ram-air hood
2. Roush front facia and chin spoiler
3. Cervini's upper and lower side scoops
4. Cervini's billet grill with a '69 Mach 1 emblem
5. Tinted the windows of course (its stacked with black)

Performance (by Dyno and Performance of Ft. Smith, AR)
1. Edlebrock E-Force Supercharger
2. Water/ Methanol injection
3. Upper and lower control arms
4. Black 18x9 black cobra rims
5. Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires

When it was about 85-90 degrees down here in Oklahoma, my baby was putting down about 410 hp to the wheels. Now that the temps have dropped to about 50 degrees during the day I'm sure she's doing better than 410 hp. I'm sure with the cool temps it's probably close to the numbers that Edelbrock claims it can make (about 463 at the crank).

What's next?:

1. Forged internals
2. Upgrade the supercharger pully
3. Upgrade the transmission
4. Suspension and Brakes?

Exterior and Dress-up:
1. Shelby rear spoiler
2. Maybe some trim for the rear bumper?

Just like all other Mustang fans this car has gotten into my blood. I won't be getting rid of this car very soon, if ever. It's AWESOME!


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