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Redwood City, CA

ive been lucky enough to of owned and own 8 mustangs with a good variety of years, styles and power. im only missing the pictures of a 95 cobra, an 85 gt convertible and a 97 roush that i no longer own and felt like i shouldnt post.. all the cars are stock other than your usual bolt-ons. the newest purchase is the 03 cobra which i got for my 21st birthday and the car that started it all is the 89 convertible when i was 15 and that i have posted once before on march of 06.

first in line is my favorite of them all, an 85 gt t-top in mint condition, last year for the carburated mustang. thats me and the 2nd love of my life along with this car, manuela. she loves mustangs aswell and her favorite/dreams to own any 67-69 shelby but i cant afford it just yet. next is the 89 lx 5-0 convertible with your usual bolt-ons followed by a 95, 5.0gt which changed its appearance after moving out to my own place. i got rid of the 03 black cobra rims and put on the 97 gt rims along with bullet brake upgrade and a full borla exhaust and last but not least an 86 gt t-top the first year of the fuel injected mustangs. this 86 is stock other than the 93 cobra wing and the tail lights of the 79 pace car and last but not least is a completely stock 03 cobra.


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