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The Smiley's 2005 Ford Mustang GT
Waldorf, MD

For years I have dreamed of owning my very own Ford Mustang GT. The love of Mustangs has been in my blood ever since my Uncle Reggie used to take me for rides in his late 80's model and then in his early 90's model. About three years ago my Uncle Reggie purchased another Ford Mustang this one was a 1996 Convertible Cobra in pristine condition. I went with him to pick it up and when I saw it I knew it was time to get my own.

About a year ago my family and I were out cruising and I saw a Silver stang, I quickly pulled over to look at it but to my disappointment it was a V6. I quickly told the salesman, "I only wanted a GT (V-8)." The salesmen said, "well Mr. Smiley you are in luck we have a V-8 in the back." Once, I laid eyes on that HP White Ford Mustang GT I knew it was the right car. My thoughts were reconfirmed when my son and I got into the car to start it up and he said "Daddy are going to get this care, because I like." And I said to him, "JJ I think will get it, if your mommy says its ok." Then we both started laughing. As you can see mommy said OK!


Shaker 1000 6 Disc Audio System
Red Leather Interior

Current Mods:
20 inch Racing Rims
K&N Air Intake
Removed Silver Le Mans Sticker Stripes

Future Mods:
Window Louvers
C/S Side Scoops
Painted Silver Le Mans Stripes


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