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Michael's 2008 Mustang GT
Aka: GrabberOrangeGT

Mustang World Member Log in: "GrabberOrangeGT"

2008 Grabber Orange Mustang GT Premium Coupe

Purchased new in October 2008. Right now mods are cosmetic only. Waiting to add the good stuff once the warranty runs out. Bodywise, I didn't like the pieces from any one manufacturer so I mixed and matched what I did like. Here is what it has so far:

20x10's rear, 20.8.5's front with Yokohamas
Axle back exhaust
3D Carbon window scoops
Street Scene side scoops
GT500 rear spoiler
Halo "Angel Eye" fogs
Honeycomb tail lights
Rear blackout panel
Custom striping

Future Mods:
Cold air intake
Full exhaust

Nothing too crazy since this is my daily driver and it has to survive Mid-West winters.


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