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Steven's 2008 Mustang GT

This is my 2008 Mustang GT , it was purchased 6 Months ago,i did a few changes too it and that is all I'm going to do. The car is Perfect the way it is, No need to change exhaust as many do, it Sounds great the way it is.. I had the windows Tinted at a local Tint Shop,I put the Stripe on myself which i purchased on Ebay.

it was a little harder then expected to install..and from past experience, the stripe last around 4 years maybe longer if you garage it and get white, as white reflex the sun. after 4 years ,they crack and fade and its very hard to get the stripe off, without doing dammage, i replaced the stripe on my truck using a razor blade and it put scratches and took some paint off, i tried every other way to get the stripe off, heat guns ect.. the longer the stirpe is on there the harder it is to get off , so you might want to replace it every 3 years or so.i also bought side louvers which i purchased on eBay, you can contact me if you have any questions about installing the stripe or any other question's about the car at

as far as the car goes, i traded in a BMW 330 For this car, of course it does not have the quality of a BMW but ,for the money this is a great car, i was impressed for ford, in the style of the car.they could improve a few interior upgrades, and handling going high speed , hitting a bump , feels a little scary...but i love my stang and have gotten so many comments on is a Great Car ..

I have been seeing a lot more around now and a lot of people are adding the stripe kit. i think it looks so much better with a stripe . There is a lot of great stangs on this site,,,,Keep up the postings..:)



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