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Bruno's 2005 Mustang GT Vert
Lucerne, Switzerland

This is my 2008 update since the last one and this brought some change for me and my Mustang. In October I start work in the Ford Dealership in Switzerland again where I began my career in the 80’s as a Ford Mechanic near my hometown Lucerne. In the early 90’s I start selling Ford but then French cars for the last ten years. I feel better now to drive with my Mustang to work and I love the combination of profession and passion.

There are new Foose rims on my Mustang now with ten inch wide at the rear. I got a very good offer for the Zenetti’s from a new customer. The grill is also new. The one from the Bullitt model. I really like the new look. More aggressive and sporty than before. I plan to mount the x-pipe that’s already stored in the garage in the next few days. This hopefully gives a better sound and more ground clearance than the additional mufflers that I needed for Swiss registration. I don’t care about the cops anymore. They always want to congratulate for the car and forget the registration card anyway.

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