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Scott C's 83 Project

It began life as an 83 G 4 cyl. I purchased it for $200 in 93. Over the next
5 years I would search out totaled Mustangs and junk yards for pieces that seemed to call out for the addition onto my "Project Cobra." I pulled the 4cyl
out and dropped in a 71 351W; this made the car wake up to say the least. I kept the FMX tranny from the 71 Mustang and added an aluminum intake and 4 bbl. I then ran 2 1/2 exhaust into Flow Masters and then into 3 inch exhaust tips. The car sounds really mean, like a PO'd drunken sailor. I then replaced the interior with that from a 92 GT. Which all in all gave it a new feel while
retaining the dash which was from an actual 79 Cobra. Having a destroyed 83 nose, I replaced it with an 86 nose, 84 fenders, 85 doors, American Racing wheels, 90 Saleen wing, Lakeside lift bars, and a partridge in a pear tree :-)

One of the neatest things that I added was the B @ M Street Scoop. The neat part is that it only takes 10 minutes to pull of the Street Scoop and replace the Motorsport air cleaner. Then to cover up the large hole I simply tighten down the wing nuts from my 69 Mustang scoop that covers the hole perfectly. This way, rain nor inclimant weather prohibits me from driving my Stang to shows, cruise in's, or even work. Basically it goes from the street rod to pro-mod look in 10 min and back. This helps when local law enforcement follows my car to see if I do anything that could be misconstrued as illegal. Usually bolting on the 69 scoop decreases the attention but, not much. I have spent as of the time
of my deployment a grand total of $3500; that's it, car and all. Junk yards have helped and I think are an over looked resource.

I also have a 90 LX 5.0 which was my first "NEW" car. I still have it and the wife just loves driving it. It has approx 360 hp and blows the doors off most of what it has ever encountered; even the 83 "Fake Snake."

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