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Dan's 2002 Mustang GT Vert
Hermiston, Oregon

This is my 2002 mustang GT vert. I bought it just about a month ago, it is completly stock. have not done any mods yet but i can tell you what the car does have, oh yeah and i still have my 88 LX 5.0

mach 460 sound system
black leather seats
6 disc cd changerand it is a 5spd
well those are the basically what most of them have lol

futre mods:
pypes cat back
bassani X no cats
underdrive pullys
vortech s-trim/ or kenne bell not sure yet
steeda lowering springs
and to wrap the wheels nitto 555r2s
cold air intake not sure on a brand yet
black beepdish bullet rims with pollished lip
mach 1 chin spoiler
grille delete



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