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Javi D's 2007 V6 Mustang
Palmview, TX

Well the car is a 2007 V6 Pony Pkg. So far for performance mods i have only added K&N CAI and Vortex 3/4 in. Spacer...Some future mods include tunning and an exhaust...As for appearence i have added BOSS 336 20" wheels 8.5' in front 10' in back...wrapped in Pirellis...also Limo Tint and Roush Style racing stripes...future mods include GT/CS front and rear bumpers and Eibach loweringsprings..

.As for Audio I have added only 2 12' Kicker CVR's with 1600 watt Kicker Amp wired with Tsunami high volt wires...

Just want to add ive been a fan of your website since i was 12 and now that im 19 it is just awsome to finally have one in your site...keep up the great work...MUSTANGS FOREVER!!!!!



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