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Carl's 2005 Mustang GT
Las Vegas, Nevada

With a previous stock motor supporting a Vortech T-trim making 525 rwhp and about 100 passes at the local ¼ track, she threw two rods in November of 06’.

Now with a freshly built 4.6L from NRP (Nevarez Racing Products) with notable Oliver “ultra light” rods, Probe pistons, Fox Lake heads, and Comp Cams she was able to handle a huge F1-C 12 ribbed Intercooled Procharger. Initial dyno numbers put her at 648 RWHP@12lbs/6200rpm and 706 RWHP@18lbs/6200rpm on pump gas! With the rev set at 7500rpm we should see her pushing close to 800rwhp with race fuel and will be making its debut at the track soon.

A special thanks to Las Vegas local PCSA Real Street Champion Gil Nevarez for building an incredible motor!

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