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Abraham's 99 Barricade Mustang
"to punish and enslave..."
Arcadia, CA

This is my own creation of Barricade from the recent Transformers Movie. The movie was aewsome and i cannot wait for the second and third installment. This car is still a work in progress and still has a long way to go. I has been a mustang lover for a long time now and I can't imagine owning a different car.

Before I talk about my car i would like to give thanks to Mustang This is such a great site and I'd like to thank everybody here that takes the time to answer questions, post blogs, and post pictures of cars like mine for free. Thank you. I have used this site for research and for ideas in creating my Stang. So that being said, we now take a look at my creation.

This is my second Mustang (my first being a 1999 Covertible) and i have owned it for just over a year and a half and plan to keep it for many years to come (hopefully). Modifications include; SLP Loudmouth I with a Catted Mac Prochamber, American Muscle Saleen Replicas with Sumitomo High Performance tires (265X35-18 in front and 285X35-18 in back), a Mach II Hood and Z3 Fenders, McCulloch HID Kit, Black Chrome Headlights, Euro Style tailights, and last but not least after months of searching, I finally found the proper emblem and badges to bear the Barricade Name. Enjoy!

Oh! i also have a video on YouTube of Barrcide in action here;





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