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Michael Bollman's 99 Lightning

Well about June of this year I was trying to get everything together to build a new true street 5.0 car, but due to delays on parts was forced to find an alternate mode of transportation rather than my trusty '92 GT. So I popped the '92 in storage and went down and ordered up a new 99 lightning. Finally at the begining of September it showed up. WOW! This truck is simply just awesome. To date I have run a best of 13.8@98.08 weighing in at an incredible 4825lbs WOW again ;). The factory claims are simply just not accurate...this trucks freaking fast as hell. I also had in dynoed recently and pulled down the following numbers:

rwhp: 319.7 @ 4600 rpm
rwtq: 400.0 @ 3400 rpm

Here is how my 13.8 run spec'd out:
R/t : .531
60' : 1.995
330' : 5.760
1/8 : 8.869
MPH : 79.47
1000': 11.563
1/4 : 13.859
MPH : 98.08

These times were obtained in Houston, TX at HRP

MW Editor Comment: Some might remember Mike's wife Janine's 99 GT as one of the first 99's to hit the web Featured in our 99 section. We may have to start a truck section :-) Awesome times Mike... MW

MW: Dayum, that's one clean engine :-)

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