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Bruno's 2005 GT
Lucerne, Switzerland

This is my 2007-update after a few previous posts here at MW

The newest modifications on my Mustang are the following:

-K&N Intake Kit
-Diablosport Tuning
-Baer brake discs 14” all around
-Euro style clear lens Taillights
-New style self made grill with painted SSC Inserts and chrome trim
-Radiator guard and chrome trim instead of lower grill
-Headlight splitters to match the front end
-Real carbon dash trim
-Wind stopper euro style

Since I bought my Mustang as a birthday gift to myself in 2005 which was one of the first convertible here in Switzerland I never repent this car to have bought …o.k. sometimes at the fuel pump (gas is very expensive. One gallon is around 6 USD)

I still get congratulation every time I drive it. From young teens who like the style of a modified car to older seniors who now the history of the Mustang and may kissed her first girlfriend in a mustang in early years. In the meantime I even got new friends because of my Mustang and one of them bought one as a 3rd car only to have one too. As a matter of this his wife was gone real mad. In fact it was her idea to call me for a joyride in mine.

Now I think the project on my Mustang is done. I have created my own customizing style which is nearly unique in this combination. I have everything that I missed on the stock car like big chrome rims with fat brakes, luxury interior, better exhaust sound, compatible stereo and many more and it is still a Mustang. I guess much more would be too much. Maybe there will be a few mods in details but it wouldn’t change the look anymore.

What do you think about my Mustang? Have any comments or questions? Just email me at

I am pleased about each response!

I will keep an Eye on your Homepage. Thanks for your work Glenn & Friends.



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