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Kevin's 2001 Saleen Mustang

I originally sent some photos of my Laser Red 2001 Saleen back in April 2005! Here are some recent updates of my 2001 Laser Red Saleen. I had some real cool custom interior work done on my seats.

I was also lucky to have a friend who sells Mustangs at the Lone Star Ford dealership. He knew that I am a proud Saleen owner with my #699 purchase back in 2001.

He called me and told me Steve Saleen was in Dallas for the new car show this past March and was coming to his dealership. He told me if I wanted to get my car signed then get down there fast. Needless to say I flew down the highway for the 2:30 meeting!!!! I was able to meet Steve and talk with him and had him sign my car! Mustangs Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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