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Ken's 05 Mustang GT
Interceptor tribute

Hi Again Guys.

I'm Ken Wilkinson and this is my third submission to Select Stangs. My other two posts are located at:


Here are some Pix of my new '05 Mustang GT Premium with a few modifications.

Eibach Pro Kit springs
Street Scene Equipment Rear Bumper cover
Cervinis Duck Tail spoiler
Classic Design Concepts Sequential Tail Lights (transferred from the black '05)
Xenon Side Scoops
Classic Design Concepts Flat Hood Scoop
Classic Design Concepts Classic Chin Spoiler (transferred from the black '05)
Cervinis Grille with hidden fog lamps (transferred from the black '05)
Helo 17" Diamond wheels (transferred from the black '05)
C&L cold air intake and Diablo Predator programming (transferred from the black '05)
Interceptor Badges and Decals
Stripes with "Protect and Serve" text

The "Interceptor" and "Protect and Serve" theme is dedicated to my Dad who was a Police Officer before he went on to serve 20 years in the Army. He retired as a Sergeant Major. He finally fell to Stomach Cancer, but he will go on forever as I am proud to honor his memory.
(Telling this story has helped me to receive a few "warnings" instead of speeding citations as well. Thanks again Dad!)



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