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JC's 2007 Mustang GT
Union City, TN

Here are some pics of my new 07 GT. Got it May 19th and have already added some goodies to it. So far I have added an aggressive chin spoiler, side scoops, side louvers, Boy Racer wing, tinted windows, and a new grill to make it look the way I like.

To make it a bit faster I had the power upgrade kit put on it which consists of Ford Racing cold air intake, Ford Racing 4" exhaust, and a Ford Racing chip program with a 3.55 rear gear installed. It's pretty quick and sounds great. I also had them install the Mobile Ease option when I ordered it.

For those of you looking to buy a new Stang, if you own a cellphone this is a cool feature to have especially if you get the 5 speed manual like I did. You can talk away and hear the other's through your Shaker 1000 while keeping your hands where they need to be on the wheel and shifter.

This website was extremely helpful in helping me decide what mods I was going to do to my Stang. Thanks for the help and thanks for looking !


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