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Dan's 1990 LX 5.0
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It has 88,000 original kms (55,000 miles). It's been stored every winter and never put away dirty!

As you can see it's in like new condition and since purchasing it off of ebay
i've upgraded to MAC shorty headers, MAC X-Pipe, and MAC prochamber xhaust
(awesome sound!). I've also put in a K&N panel filter, MSD ignition, MAC
underdrive pulleys...the FRPP 3.73's are waiting to be installed! It has 17"
Cobra wheels w/ 255/40/17 rubber at all corners and powerslot rotors up
front. The interior of the vehicle looks like the day it came out of the
dealership other than the FRPP floor mats and leather shift knob on the T-5.
This car has the A/C and power window delete with the sunroof and cruise
control option.

Due to the incredible running condition of this car and it's rare condition I
don't plan on modifying it much farther beyond where it is. Although i do have my eye on a trick flow upper/lower/heads package that i need to convince my better half i need......

Great website...infact i check in regularly to see what other mustang lovers
are doing with, and too, the greatest car ever made!

All the best!




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