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Anthony's 99 35th Anniv. Supercharged Mustang GT
Billerica, Mass

This is some pics of '99 GT. I've had my stang since 2005 and man do I love this car. I bought it few weeks before I graduated from high school. When I bought it, I had one soul purpose.... To make everyone eyes turn whenever I passed them and get her up to at least 500whp. So far things have been good and I've been making mods to it since then.

Some of the mods include:

PAXTON NOVI 2000 supercharger
Flowmasters w/ 4" chrome tips
Lowered 1-1/2"
BOSS Chin Spoiler
Cobra RR Hood
MW shop's chrome mustang letter inserts
HID Double Halo projection Headlights
Euro Gen 4 Tail-Lights w/ Black

There isn't a day that I don't check this web site. I love to look and see what other Mustang owners are doing out there with their stangs. MustangWorld you guys do an awesome job with this web site. Keep it up! and to everyone out other keep it, maintain it, and love it Mustang 101.


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