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Ferrell's 2007 Mustang GT
(aka Freelance1)
Pace, FL

I check your page everyday and with my recent addition thought I'd share some pic's, the story and some observations.

1st up The Pic's and Story...

Fresh Off The Lot - My 2007 GT. Almost special ordered as I wanted as base a GT as you can get to build from but the Dealer found one close enough. It had to be White! Dealer threw in the 18" Chrome with the fattest BFG KDW's. Good deal for $25K

FRP-Shelby Drop - I want to build a Shelby GT but not spend the extra $$ for the name. Great guy but the money they're asking...most of the stuff they're using is FRP kits anyway. Handled great before but the kit and tires will throw you out of the seat at speed.

Old Meets New 1 & 2 - Back in 1990 I bought a GT for $16K, since I've put 188K miles on it, been through 4 alternators (the 3 Rockford Fosgate amps have nothing to do with that I swear), 1 Starter and lost track of how many sets of tires I've put on the thing. Now the engine mounts are shot, the rack-n-pinion is bleeding and the coat is wearing thin (it needs paint). Not willing to part with it and not having the time got me the '07. My two favorite Stang body styles in my drive way, my, where did the years go!

'07 Observations...

- This stock 4.6 Mod is stronger than the stock 5.0 Pushrod
- 2nd to 3rd without a shift kit still sucks
- Great brakes
- The new sheet metal is thinner and so is the plastic fascias
- Freaky how all the knobs are in the same places
- Gets more looks
- Bait: Used to be Grand Nationals and IROC's now it's fat Trans Ams and <choke> Hondas?

Coming mod's:
- Shelby (FRP) Intake and equivalent exhaust
- CDC Chin
- Pinched fog light grill
- Roush Whale Tail spoiler
- Satellite stereo with Bluetooth and USB

I'll keep ya posted. Thanks for the free site and info from members.

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