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Monica's '05 GT
"Teacher In a Stang"

Previously I only posted pics of my engine bay. Now it is time for pics of the interior. I have plenty of dress up items. My final post will be exterior pics.

I have loved mustangs since I can remember. Right out of high school I saved every penny to buy a stang. Knowing very little about cars back then I bought a seriously run down Fox Body Stang. I didn't care that I couldn't really drive it on the freeway and that I could never tell how much gas was in the tank. I was sure I was going to restore it. Well the car lasted all of two months before I realized I couldn't afford to restore it, not to mention it completely broke down and needed a new trans. Sad to say I donated it. Waiting all these years has been worth it. The only thing I love more than my GT is my lovely daughter. The best part is we share the same passion. She can't wait for our next Beach Cities Mustang Club Meeting, and she does her homework ahead of time to make sure we can make it to cruise night @ Ricky & Ronnies in Torrance. We went on the Saleen Store pony run this year and she can't wait for the next one.

Interior Mods
Deluxe Pony Two-Tone Power Outlet Plug
Coat Hanger Kit in Anodized Silver
A/C Knobs in Satin Silver
E-Brake Handle in Silver
Radio Knob in Silver
Cup Holder Bezel

Billet Mirror Control Bezel Kit
Stock Style Door Lock Pins
Headlight Knob Bezel
Pedal Kit

Billet and Acrylic Fantasies
Polished Armrest Switch Plate covers


Door Still Lettering and Trim in Ultra Chrome



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