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Guy's 05 Roush

In March of last year (06), my Roush was featured on Mustang World, so I wanted to update the latest done to my 05 Roush.

In addition to Baer GT Plus Brake System, G-Trac Brace & Rear Shock Tower Brace, we did 19" Forged American Racing GT-5 Wheels, VIS Carbon-Fiber Hood & Style Bar. Jack Roush signed the dash (& autographing the A-Pillar Pod before I installed it).

A Canton Radiator Tank was added as was the NEX 175 NOS Kit. The added horsepower & torque came on too suddenly for my liking with 175 shot of NOS, so we did a 75 shot & will drop this to a 50 shot when installing the polished ProCharger 'D'. Even then we'll likely do a Forged Stroker Short Block before turning up the S/C boost and swap out the current five-speed to a ViperSpec T-56.

Like they say on Speed Channel's Dream Car Garage, "Do you need a car like this? No you don't need a car like this, but do you want a car like this? Oh yeah, You DEFINATELY WANT A CAR LIKE THIS!


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