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Monica's Mustang GT
"Teacher In A Stang"

This is only the beginning. Many more pics to come.

My name is Monica and these are engine bay pics of my 05 GT. Yes, I'm a girl and I love HP. It's funny how many men pretend to know about cars. I can't count how many times a guy has told me you should of gotten the V8. Being a modest person I smile and say this is the V8, GT translates into V8. Some guys admit their ignorance with an, Oh! While others give me a funny look like l don't know what I'm talking about.

At my dealership I was talking to the parts accessory guy about getting exhaust tip covers. He didn't ask me what model mustang he just said I have to order the V6 exhaust tip. I replied with, "I have the V8." His response was, "You have two exhaust pipes coming out of the back of your car?" "Yes, I have a GT." He apologized and informed me that he would still have to order the tips.

On my second trip to the parts counter a different dealership associate came out to help me install a locking gas cap. Before going out to my car we were talking about cars and accessories for a while. He told me that he just wanted to make sure the check engine light did not come on after changing the cap. He expressed to me that he was not expecting my car to be like this... Most girls don't care about their cars, they just drive them.

I'm here to dispel all generalizations about girls and cars. Although, I do not plan to make engine or exhaust mods until after the warranty period... yes I know that mods do not void my warranty unless the modified part is what is causing the trouble and the dealership still has to prove it, I don't want to take that chance. I am a teacher after all and on a strict budget. I'm still trying to pay for all the dress up items I have added.

I'm planning to send in some more pics of what I have done, but this is a good start.


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