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Ken C's 05 Mustang V6
Fort Salonga, NY

I'm one of those few people that really wanted an 05 mustang but just couldnt have a GT cause of my budget at the time. So i setteld for what i could get my hands on at the time, which was a 05 V6 pony. To think i actually went out that day to buy a nissan altima, signed the papers, and passed by the ford dealership only to ask how much is that old car outside. To which the sales person said that is the 05 mustang. It was love at first site, they couldnt take me out of the car! Didnt want to wait till i had more money, didnt want to wait for tommrow. i wanted to drive that car home!! So i took the v6 05 mustang home! Im makeing my Costum GT dream come to life with my V6 mustang.

I dont know about anyone else, but my car has changed my life. Loving a peice of machinery so much has motivated me to work harder in life, to get somewhere faster so i can enjoy having the ride that i want! So i can customize my mustang to represent me. Every car represents their owner and mine is no diffrent. Over the past 6 months ive done a bit of work to the pony.

addittions include:

Steeda competition bumper/with fog lights
GT grill with gt fog lights
one of a kind mustang racing stripe-black pearl with metalic red dusk in it.(unfortunetly didnt come out in the pictures, can only be seen in sun)
Aem burte force cold air intake
Flowmaster axle back thunder series
Jba headers(coming in only 2 weeks)
jba true dual exhaust(in 2 weeks)
predator tune(in 2 weeks)

Mods to do with in the year:

Procharger supercharger
18 inch staggered chrome builet style rims with perelli tires(all weather)
all body work and paint done by Vittorio's auto body in huntington, NY
all work such as exhaust, cold air ect. ect. done by speedworld in baldwin, NY

Good wish's to all Mustang owners! Keep customizing guys!


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