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Jason's 2007 Mustang GT CS
Orlando, FL

I purchased this car on November 28th as a replacement for a 2003 Mustang GT I autocrossed for 4 years. I plan on running it in the F Stock class in the local SCCA regions autocross events. As such, I dont have very many mods planned for the car.

Although, you can see in the other pictures, I already have some 18 x 8 Wedsport rims with 275 35 18 Hoosier A6 race rubber attached..

The rims are strictly for autocross.

THe only mods I have planned are a new set of Tokico D spec shocks, or if they make them soon enough for the car, Koni DA's and a front sway bar. Maybe a new set of mufflers too make it more agressive sounding. This is about all thats allowed under SCCA stock rules.

Thanks for the site Mustangworld, cheers.


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