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Carlos' 91 5.0 Mustang
Oakland, Ca

I bought this 1991 Ford 5 years ago. I have searched for this car for 4 years before hand and cannot find one in best condition. It casted $5 G's and it had 99k original mi's. I ran a car fax and I'm the third owner of the car. The car was bought new in Florida. After 4k the original owner sold it to an elder couple in MN. They cared for it ever since. In 2000-01, they moved to CA where the car was donated to charity. I found it sitting in a small dealers lot. I called the owner and arranged a meeting and got it the very same day.

This was destiny because the owner tells me he got 15 calls for the car when he returned from Israel. He was about to return all calls in order received when I called precisely he was about to pick-up. I'm proud to own these rare body style of Mustangs. It's a keeper.

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