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Joe's 99 Cobra Vert
Detroit, MI

I have a 1999 Cobra Vert. I'm the original owner. It has the following mods:

Alternative Auto Big Bore short block (450 rwhp & 414 rwtq)
C heads w/ bowl work
Paxton Novi 1000 (~11 psi)
Steeda dual fuel pump
Lightning MAF
42 lb/hr injectors
Borla catback
Dallas Mustang speed compensator
Kenny Brown subframe connectors and springs
Polyurethane bushings here and there
A/C delete
Replaced PCV with breathers
03 IRS brace
t56 (2.97 1st)
Steeda triax
03 Cobra clutch
Aluminum diveshaft
Meziere electric water pump
BFG g-Force T/A KD 265/35/18 & 295/35/18 tires
ROH Modena 18x9 & 18x10.5 wheels
HVAC controls in the glove box
That's all I can remember. I'm currently working on the interior and trunk,

sound system, and some exterior mods.

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