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Wendell and Sherrie's 05 Mustang

This is our 2005 Mustang GT. Ordered the car from the dealership. Took 4 months to arrive. It has been worth the wait.
My wife and I are from Georgia and love every minute driving the hot pony car.
I've added Flowmaster exhaust and a cold air intake.
Sounds awesome and has great power.
My next project I would like to install is a Whipple Supercharger to make all those Bowtie wanna be's think they can over take my Mustang. Not today, not happening.
Have received allot of good comments just the way it is now. Makes us feel good.
and proud to have this car parked in our garage.
Thanks for showing all the Mustangs on your great site about all the people who drive one of the true American made Muscle cars!


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